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2. Secretary of State. — Hon. R. W. Scott, Senator.

3. Minister of Trade and Commerce. — Hon. Sir R. J. Cartwright, G.C.M.G.

4. Minister of Justice and Attorney-General. — Hon. Da,vid Mills.

5. Minister of Marine and Fisheries. — Hon. Sir L. H. Davies, K.C.M.G.

6. Minister of Railways and Canals. — Hon. A. G. Blair.

7. Minister of Militia and Defence. — Hon. F. W. Borden.

8. Minister of Finance. — Hon. W. S. Fielding.

9. Postmaster-General. — Hon. W. Mulock.

10. Minister of Agriculture. — Hon. Sydney A. i^is^en

11. Minister of Public Works. — Hon. Joseph I. Tarte.

12. Minister of Interior. — Hon. Clifford Si/ton.

13. Minister of Customs. — Hon. Wm. Paterson.

14. Minister of Inland Revenue. — Hon. Sir Henri Joly de Lotbini^rc, K.C.M.G.

15. —Without Portfolio.— Hon. R. R. Dobell ; Hon. C. A. Geoffrion.

16. — "With Portfolio, but not of the Cabinet, Hon. Charles Fiizpatrick, Q.C., Solicitor-General.

Each of the ministers has a salary, fixed by statute, of 7,000 dollars, or 1,400^. a year, with the exception of the recognised Prime Minister, who has 8,000 dollars, or 1,600Z. and the Ministers of Customs and Inland Revenue, who have each 5,000 dollars a year. The body of ministers is officially known as the * Queen's Privy Council of Canada. '

Provincial Government.

The seven provinces forming the Dominion have each a separate jmrlia- ment and administration, with a Lieutenant-Governor at the head of the executive. They have full powers to regulate their own local affairs and dispose of their revenues, provided only they do not interfere Avith the action and policy of the central administration. The Lieutenant-Governors are appointed by the Governor-General. Quebec and Nova Scotia have each two Chambers (a Legislative Council and a Legislative Assembly) and a responsi- ble IMinistry. In New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Prince Edward Island there is only one Chamber (the Legislative Assembly) and a responsible Ministry. The members of the Legislative Council of Nova Scotia number 21, and Quebec 24. The membersliip of the Legislative Assemblies are — Prince Edward Island 30, Nova Scotia 38, New Brunswick 41, Quebec 73, Ontario 94, Manitoba 40, British Columbia, 33 ; and the North-West Territories, 26, The North- West Territories are presided over by a Lieutenant-Governor and a Legislative Assembly. The Executive Council consists (since October 1, 1897) of the Lieutenant-Governor and 5 members elected, as such, by the people.

Area and Population.

The population of Canada in the year 1800 was estimated at 240,000 ; it has increased as follows : —


1825 1851 1861




581,920 1,842,265 3,090,561

1871 1881 1891

3,635,024 4,324,810 4,833,239