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electors out 316,819 of enrolled in contested districts, or 56'41 per cent, of the electors on the roll voted. The executive is in the hands of a Governor, appointed by the Imperial Government. Governor. — The Right Hon. William Lygon, Earl Beauchamp, born 1872. Appointed January, 1899.

The Governor, by the terms of his commission, is commander- in-chief of all the troops in the colony. He has a salary of 7,000^. ; private secretary and orderlies paid for by the State. In the exercise of the executive he is assisted by a Cabinet of ten ministers, consisting of the following members : —

Premier, Treasurer, and Minister for Railways. — Rt. Hon. George Houstoun Reid,

Chief Secretary. — Hon. James Nixon Brunker.

Attorney-General. — Hon. John Henry Want, Q.C, , M.L.C.

Secretary for Lands. — Hon. Joseph Hector Carruthers.

Secretary for Public Works. — Hon. James Henry Young.

Minister of Public Instruction tO Industry and Labour. — Hon. James Alexander Hogue.

Minister of Justice. — Hon. Charles Alfred Lee.

Postmaster-General. — Hon. Varney Parkes.

Secretary for Mines and Agriculture. — Hon. Joseph Cook.

Vice-President of the Executive Council and Ecpresentative of the Govern- ment in the Legislative Coimcil (without portfolio). — (Vacant. )

The Colonial Secretary and Attorney-General have salaries of 1, 820Z. , and the other ministers, except the Vice-President of the Executive Council, of 1,370Z.

Local Government.

Under the * Municipalities Act of 1867 ' local government is extended to 182 districts, 75 being designated 'boroughs' and 107 ' municipal districts,' in addition to the City of Sydney. A borough must contain a minimum population of 1,000, within an area not larger than 9 square miles ; a municipal district a population of 500, and an area not larger than 50 square miles. The portion of the colony incorporated is small, covering only 2,761 square miles, or the one hundred and thirteenth part of its area. The population residing within the municipal area is estimated at 758,195.

The State grants an endowment to every municipality for a period of 15 years after its incorporation as follows : For each of the first 5 years a sum equal to the local revenue raised during the past year, in each of the next 5 years one moiety, and in each of the next 5 years a fourth of the amount raised by rates and subscriptions. All persons holding household, leasehold, or freehold estate in any municipality, and paying rates, are entitled to from 1 to 4 votes for the election of aldermen and auditors, according to annual value of property. There were 178,943 municipal voters in February, 1897.

Area and Population.

The area of the colony is estimated at 310,700 square miles. The colony is divided into various districts for departmental pur- poses, the most important division being that into 141 counties.

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