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WESTERN AUSTRALIA. Constitution and Government.

Western Australia was the last of the colonies on the continent to obtain responsible government. In 1890 the administration, which had before been vested in the Governor, assisted l)y a Legislative Council, partly nominated and partly elective, was vested in the Governor, a Legislative Council, and a Legislative Ass.'mljly. The Legislative Council was, in the first instance, nominated by the Governor, but it was provided that in the event of the popu- lation of the'Colony reaching 60,000, it should be elective. On July 18, 1893, this limit of population was reached, and the Colonial Parliament soon after- wards passed an Act (57 Vict. No. 14) amending the constitution.

The Legislative Council now consists of 24 members representing 8 electoral provinces and holding their seats for six years. Members must be 30 years of age, resident in the Colony for two years, and either a natural-born subject of the Queen or naturalized for 5 years aiul resident in the Colony for 5 years. Every elector must have possessed for at least a year liefore being registered and within the province, freehold estate of the clear value of £100, or be a householder occupving a dwelling house of the clear annual value of £25, or holder of a lease, with 18 months to run, of the value of £25 per annum, or the holder of a lease or license from the Crown of the annual rental of £10, or have his name on the electoral list of a municipality or Roads Board in respect of property in the province of the annual rateable value of £25. The Legis- lative A.s.sembly consists of 44 members, each representing one electorate, and elected for 4 years. Members must be either natural-born subjects of the Queen or naturalized for 5 years and resident in the Colony for 2 years. Electors must be natural-born or naturalized subjects of the Queen and must have been resident in the district for 6 months, or have held freehold estate in the district of the clear value of £50 for 6 months, or be householders occupy- ing a dwelling house of the annual value of £10, or holders of a lease with 18 months to run, or have hekl a lease for the preceding 18 months, of the annual value of £10, or have held for the jtreceding (5 months a lease or license of Crown lands at an annual rental of £5, or have their names on the electoral list of a municipality or Roads lioard in respect of ]»roperty within the district. Members of the Legislature are not paid, but travel free on all Government railways, and by courtesy are allowed the same privilege on private lines. The entire management and control of the wastelands of the Crown in Western Australia is vested in the Legislature of the colony. Power is reserved to the Crown to divide the colony as may from time to time be thought fit.

(?orer?io/-.— Colonel Sir Gerard Snjith, K.C.M.G. ; appointed October, 1895.

The Governor has a salary of 4,000/. i)er annum. He is assisted in his functions by a cabinet of responsible ministers, as follows : —

Premier, and Colonial Treamrcr.— Right Hon. Sir John Forrest, P.C., K.C.M.G.