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(Oesterreichisch-XJngarische Monarchie.) Reigning Sovereign. Franz Josef I. (Ferenez Joisef^), Emperor of Austria, and King of Hungary ; born August 18, 1830 ; the son of Archduke Franz Karl, second son of the late Emperor Franz I. of Austria, and of Archduchess Sophie, Princess of Bavaria. Proclaimed Emperor of Austria after the abdication of his uncle, Ferdinand I., and the renunciation of the crown by his father, December 2, 1848 ; crowned King of Hungary, and took the oath on the Hungarian Constitution, June 8, 18G7. Married April 24, 1854, to to the late Empress Elisabeth (Erzsebet), born De- cember 24, 1837, the daughter of Duke Maximilian of Bavaria; died at Geneva, September 10, 1898.

Heir Presumptive. — Archduke Franrj (Ferenez) Ferdinand, son of the late Archduke Karl Ludwig and Princess Annun- ciata, daughter of the late King Ferdinando II. of Naples.

Children of the Emjjeror-King.

I. Archduchess Gisela, born June 12, 1856 ; married April 20, 1873, to Prince Leopold, second son of Prince Luitpold of Bavaria, born February 9, 1846.

II. Archduchess Maria Valeria, born April 22, 1868 ; married, July 31, 1890, to Franz Salvator, Archduke of Austria-Tuscany.

Grandchild of the Emperor- King.

Archduchess Elisabeth (Erzsebet), born September 2, 1883, only child of the late Archduke Rudolf Crown Prince, and Princess Stephanie, second daughter of King Leopold II. of Belgium

Brother of the Emperor-King.

Archduke Ludwig (Lajos) Victor, field-marshal-lieutenant in the imperial and royal army; born May 15, 1842.

Children of the Emperor- King's late Brother, the Archduke

Karl Ludwig.

I. Franz (Ferenez) Ferdinand, born December 1 8, 1863. II. Otto, born April 21, 1865 ; married October 2, 1886, to Princess Maria Josepha, born May 31, 1867, the daughter of the Prince Georg of Saxony; offspring, Karl, born August 17, 1887 ; Maxi- milian, born April 13, 1895. III. Ferdinand Karl Ludwig, born December 27, 1868. IV. Margaret, born May 13, 1870; mar-

1 The HuKgavian funn.s of names are inserted in parentheses.