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A telegraph line Connects Hne in Annam with the towns on the Me- Kong, and these with Saigon. The cost of the Laos administration is home by Cochin-China (to the extent of six-thirteenths), Tonkin and Annani (five- thirteenths), and Caniliodia (two-thirteenths).

Local revenue of Annam and Tonking (budget of 1898) 9,404,000 piastres. The expenditure of France for Tonking in the budget of 1899 was 450,000 francs. The budget of the Laos protectorate for 1898 balanced at 874,000 piastres.

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(1/ A L G E R I E.)


A civil Governor- General, in constant communication with the dillerent French ministries, is the central .administrative authorit}^ of Algeria, except for finance, customs, worship, justit^e, and instruction, which are under competent ministers. A small extent of territory in the Sahara is still ad- ministered by the military authorities, but under the direction of the Governor.

Governor-General of Algeria. — M. Lafcrricre, appointed 1898.

The French Chambers have alone the right of legislating for Algeria, while such matters as do not come within the legislative power are regulated by decree of the President of the Re]»ul)lic. The Governor-General is assisted by a council, whose function is purely consultative. A Superior Council, meeting once a year, to whi(;h delegates are sent by each of the de]).artmental general councils, is charged with the duty of discu.ssing and voting the colonial budget. Each de})artmcnt sends one senator and two deputies to the National Assembly.