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The ounce — 31 '487 grammes ; the multiples of the ounce are the various Jenoininations of the liottolo, which contains from 16 to 42 ounces.

The Kaffis (of 16 whihas, each of 12 salis) = 16 bushels.

The principal measure of length is the pik : the pik Arhi for linen = •5392 j^d. ; the pik Turki for silk = •7058 yd. ; the ^jiA; Andov,lsi for cloth = ^7094 yd.

J^^.rencli -weights and measures have almost entirely taken the place of Ihose of Tunis, but corn is still sold in kaffis and tvhihas.

Consibl-Gcneral at Tunis. — Sir H. H. Johnston, K. C.B. ; appointed 1897.

■Vice-Consul. — Gerard Laseelles.

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Guadolottpe, situated in the Lesser Antilles, consists of two islands separated \)y a narrow channel, that on the west being called Guadelou])e })roper or Basse-Terrc, and that to the east, Crande-Teire, witli a united area of 150,940 hectares (583 s<[. m.) ; it has five dependeiu'.ies consisting of the smaller i.slands, Marie Galante, Les Saintes, Desirade, St. Bartlu'lcmy, and St. Maitin, the total area being 688 square miles. Topidation (1894) 167,000, including about 15,000 coolies. It is under a governor and an elected council, and is represented by a senator and two deputies. Instruction is given in 1 lycee with 350 pupils, and 97 elementary .schools with 11,000 jiupils. The colony is divided into arrondissemcnts, cantons, and communes ; its chief town is I*ointe-Ji-Pitre (17,100) with a Une harliour, Revenue and expenditure