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Alsace-Lorraine has au Oberlandesgericht at Colmar, and six Landgerichte. In 1896, 11,451 persons, i.e. 927 per 10,000 inhabitants above the age of 12 years, were convicted of crime,


The budget estimates of public revenue of Alsace-Lorraine in the year ending March 31, 1899, amounted to 55,616,515 marks, and the estimates of expenditure to 54,811,195 marks. There was also an extraordinary revenue of 4,149,269 marks, and an expenditure of 4,954,589 marks. More than half of the total revenue is derived from customs and indirect taxes, while one of the largest branches of expenditure is for public instruction.

Alsace-Lorraine has a debt consisting of 3 per cent, rentes in circulation to the amount of 715,284 marks, equivalent, if capitalised, to a debt of 24,115,000 marks.

Production and Industry.

On June 14, 1895, the number of separate farms was as follows : —

Under 1 Hectare

1-10 Hectares

10-100 Hectares

Above 100 Hectares







Their total area was 899,342 hectares.

These farms supported a population of 592,506, of whom 303,968 were actively engaged in agriculture. Alsace-Lorraine yields the usual cereals, and it is also a great wine-producing country. Of the 1,700 communes, 1,028 have vineyards. In 1896-97, 1,802 hectares were planted with tobacco, and yielded 5,000 metric tons of dried tobacco.

The cotton manufacture in Alsace-Lorraine is the most important in Germany ; woollens are produced on a smaller scale. In 1897 minerals to the value of 22,957,715 marks (provisional figures) were raised in the Reichsland.

There were in 1897 1,078 miles of railway in Alsace^^Lorraine, of which 998 miles belonged to the State.

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(Herzogthum Anhalt.) Reig^ning Duke.

Friedrich, born April 29, 1831, the son of Duke Leopold of Anhalt and of Princess Friederike of Prussia. Succeeded to the throne at the death of his father, May 22, 1871 ; married, April 22, 1854, to Princess Antoinette o'i Saxe-Altcnburg, born A]iri] 17, 1838. Children of the Dtike : — I. Prince Friedrich, born August 19, 1856 ; marri«(.l, July 2, 1889, to