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In 1895 the number of agricultural tenements, each cultivated by one household, was 32,280 (22,192 under 1 hectare, 7,530 of 1-10 hectares, 2,393 of 10-100 hectares, and 165 over 100 hectares). Their total area was 204,443 hectares.

These farms supported a population of 71,168, of whom 39,835 were actively engaged in agriculture.

There are 200 miles of railway.


The budget estimates for the financial year 1898-99 stated the income of the State at 14,025,000 marks, of which 7,313,173 marks are derived from State property, and the rest chiefly from indirect taxes. The amount of the direct taxes is about 1,008,000 marks. The expenditure of the State is 14,025,000 marks. The income for the German Empire is 11,001,550 marks, the expenditure the same. The public debt amounted, on June 30, 1897, to 474,594 marks, and the State property to 5,484,595 marks.

British Minister Plenipotentiary. — Rt. Hon. Sir F. C. Lascelles, G.C.B., G.C.M.G.


(Grossherzogthum Baden.) Reigning Grand-duke.

Friedrich I. , born September 9, 1826, second son of Grand-duke Leopold I. and of Grand-duchess Sophie Princess of Sweden. Regent, April 24, 1852 ; took the title of Grand-duke September 5, 1856. Married, September 20, 1856, to Grand-duchess Luise, born December 3, 1838, the daughter of Wilhelm I., Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia. Offspring: — I. Friedrich,hoYn July 9, 1857 ; married, September 20, 1885, to Hilda, daughter of the Grand-duke of Luxemburg, Duke of Nassau. IL Victoria, born August 7, 1862 ; married, September 20, 1881, to Crown Prince Gustaf of Sweden.

iBrother and Sisters of the Grand-duke.

L Vxiwcc^s Alexandrine, born December 6, 1820 ; married. May 3, 1842, to the late Duke Ernst of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. IL Prince Karl, born March 9, 1832 ; married, May 17, 1871, to Rosalie von Beust, created Countess von Rhena, born June 10, 1845. Offspring : Friedrich, Count of Rhena, born January 29, 1877. III. Princess Marie, born Nov. 20, 1834 ; married, Sept. 11, 1858, to Prince Ernst of Leiningen.

The Grand-dukes of Baden are descendants of the Dukes of Zaehringen, who flourished in the 11th and 12th centuries. Till the end of last century, Baden was a Margraviate divided into two or more lines ; since then it has been united, and in the changes which preceded and followed the dissolution of tlie former German Empire its territory received various additions, and its niler took the title of Elector in 1803, and of Grand-duke in 1806. Baden was a member of the Confederation of the Rhine, and, from 1815 to 1866, of the German Confederation. In 1866 Bailen sided with Austria, but soon made peace with Prussia. The predecessors of the present Grand-duke during the last two centuries are as follows : —

Leopold . 1830-1852 Ludwik' 11.^ 1852-1856

Karl Wilhelm . 1709-1738 Karl Friedrich . 1738-1811

Karl . 1811-1818 Ludwiff 1818-1830

1 Under the regency of liis brother, the reigning Gr£vnd-duke,