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was, however, but smoothing a few to tho grave. In the course of a Sunday or two after she was missed from her usual seat at church, and bofore I left the neighbourhood, I heard with a feeling of satisfaction, that she had quietly breathed her last, and had gono to rejoin those sho loved, in that world whero corrow is never known, and friends are never parted.


The day was exceedingly pleasant, and not a cloud was to be seen. For a mile or two we travelled along the banks of the river, which in this part abounded in tall mat-rushes. The dogs seemed much to enjoy prowling about and examining every bushy place, and at last met with some object among the rushes, which caused them to set up a most vehement and determined barking. We explored the spot with caution, as wo suspected, from the peculiar tone of the bark, that it was what it proved to be, lions. Having encouraged the dogs to drive them out, a task which they performed with great willingness, we had a full view of an enormous black mained lion and lioness. The latter was seen only for a minute, as she made her escapo up the river, under concealment of the rushes; but the lion came steadily forward, and stood still to look at us. At this moment we felt our situation not free from danger, as the animal seemed preparing to spring upon us, and we were standing on the bank, at the distance of only a few yards from him, most of us being on foot and unarmed, without any visible possibility of escaping. I had given up my horse to the hunters,