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I accompanied the gentleman into tho gardon and was shown the place where her own father found his murdered daughter. The grass was red with blood, and the marks of feet were quite visible on tho ground, which happened to be soft and wet. In endeavouring to trace the footsteps, wo observed that they led over some ground which had been newly dug with the spade, and that they had made a remarkably distinct impression on the loose soil. On examining that impression we saw that there was something particular in the form of the shoe. It was uncommonly broad and large, and round-toed, and, from its shape, gave reason to suspect that its wearer was what is called flat-soled. It had also been lately pieced at the heel and toe, and armed with broad-headed tacks, the points of which were distinctly marked. This was any important discovery, and Mr Johnson, who was accustomed to use his pencil, set himself, with the assistance of the surgeon, to tako a correct measurement and drawing of it on paper. In thơ meantime, Mr Thomson and I continued the search, and having traced the footsteps to the garden wall, tho good minister, who happened to be before me, uttered an exclamation of horror, and directed my attention to a stone on the top of the wall which was stained with blood. On looking moro minutely, we saw tho marks of bloody fingers on the stones and concluded that the murderer had made his retreat out of the garden at this place. A plowed field on the other sido of the wall favoured our further search, and we traeked the villian to a small piece of water where he bad probably washed his hands, and through which he appeared to have waded, as the prints of feet were