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The Privileged Classes

work of proletarian Revolution from the sickening and cruel odour of blood, of murder, and of hate which still clings to the bourgeois Revolution.


But before I leave Liebknecht, I want to quote a few more fragments which show the same high-minded, broadly humanitarian attitude, the same desire for a just and peaceful evolution.

"In our work of propaganda, as in our legislative action, we must never lose sight of the universality of the Socialist conception.…

"One side is especially economic, another human and moral, a third political.

"We should give equal weight to these three sides in our propaganda and in our law-making.

"The people should learn by experience that Socialism is not only the regulation of the conditions of labour and of production; that it does not only propose to intervene in the economic functions of the State and of the social organism, but that it aims at the most complete development of the individual and his personality; that it considers education one of the essential duties of the State, and that its conception of a civil and social ideal is that every individual should embody as fully as possible the ideal human qualities.

"The deep significance of Socialism lies in the fact that it unites and fuses the most sublime ideals.

"Without the economic side, the human ideal would remain in the air.