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Studies in Socialism

citizens. And it is the majority of the citizens that will multiply little by little the germs and tentative undertakings from which the new social order will arise. It is this majority that will gradually create, from capitalistic chaos, the various types of social property, co-operative, communal, and trade-union; and it will only demolish the last remains of the capitalist edifice when it has firmly established the foundations of the Socialist order and when the new building is ready to give shelter, to mankind. In this immense task of social construction, the immense majority of the citizens must co-operate.

We must never forget the new and grandiose character of the Socialist Revolution. The common good will be its object. For the first time since the beginning of human history, a great social upheaval will have for its aim, not the substitution of one class for another, but the destruction of class and the inauguration of a universal humanity.

In the Socialist order, discipline and the smooth co-operation of individual wills will not be maintained by the authority of one class over another, but will come as the result of the free will of associated guardians of the peace.

How, then, can a system based on the free collaboration of all be instituted against the will, or even without the aiding will, of the greater number? All the social forces that were either refractory or inert would be such a drag on Socialist