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Revolution, Socialist, 102-105, 112-123; dangers of, 124-129; Marx's and Blanqui's ideas on, 136; and the bourgeois revolution, 140-168.
Russia, 45-48.

Saint-Just, Louis Antoine de, 143.
Saint-Simon, Claude Henri, 16, 17, 19.
Sée, Henri, quoted, 28-29.
Serfdom, 25-28.
Situation of the Working Classes in England, 164; quoted, 165-166.
Slavery, 23-28.
Socialism, aim of, 3-9, 91; duties of, 144-145; establishment of, by will of majority, 94-105; and the French Revolution, 15-17; future of, 20; germs of, in peasantry, 35-40; main definition of, v; methods of establishing: —militant method or revolutionary, xxxii-xxxiii; method unsettled, 35; Opportunist, Reformist, Revisionist, or Fabian, xxxiii-xxxvi; —militant, 20; practibility of, 20; revolutionary, 47-50, 50 sqq., 58-59; triumphant, 186-187.
Société Nouvelle, report of, xxxix, note.
Society, present state of, 184-186.
Strike, general, 106-129.
Survival of the fittest, theory of, discussed, xix-xxi.

Tactics, Socialist, 70-78.

Unemployed, the, xiv, and xiv, note.
Universal suffrage and Socialism, 168-169.
Utopia and Socialism, 20-21.

Vaillant, xxxvii.
Vandervelde, his Le Collectivisme, xxvi, note.
Van Vollmar, xxxix, note.
Vorwärts, 79, 104.

Wage-earner, position of, xx-xxi.
Waldeck-Rousseau, 180.