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Most of the large Chinese encyclopaedias contain extensive sections devoted to the literature of war. The following references may be found useful: —

通典 T‘ung Tien (circâ 800 A.D.), ch. 148-162.

太平御覽 T‘ai P‘ing Yü Lan (983), ch. 270-359.

文獻通考 Wên Hsien T‘ung K‘ao (13th cent.), ch. 221.

玉海 Yü Hai (13th cent.), ch. 140, 141.

三才圖會 San Ts‘ai T‘u Hui (16th cent.), 人事 ch. 7, 8.

廣博物志 Kuang Po Wu Chih (1607), ch. 31, 32.

潛確類書 Ch‘ien Ch‘io Lei Shu (1632), ch. 75.

淵鑑類函 Yüan Chien Lei Han (1710), ch. 206-229.

古今圖書集成 Ku Chin T‘u Shu Chi Ch‘êng (1726), section XXX, esp. ch. 81-90.

續文獻通考 Hsü Wên Hsien T‘ung K‘ao (1784), ch. 121-134.

皇朝經世文編 Huang Ch‘ao Ching Shih Wên Pien (1826), ch. 76, 77.

The bibliographical sections of certain historical works also deserve mention: —

前漢書 Ch‘ien Han Shu, ch. 30.

隋書 Sui Shu, ch. 32-35.

舊唐書 Chiu T‘ang Shu, ch. 46, 47.

新唐書 Hsin T‘ang Shu, ch. 57-60.

宋史 Sung Shih, ch. 202-209.

通志 T‘ung Chih (circâ 1150), ch. 68.

To these of course must be added the great Catalogue of the Imperial Library: —

四庫全書總目提要 Ssŭ K‘u Ch‘üan Shu Tsung Mu T‘i Yao (1790), ch. 99, 100.