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grief in us all. And yet your sedition continues still.

20 Take the Epistle of the blessed Paul the Apostle into your hands; What was It that he wrote to you at his first preaching the Gospel among you?

21 Verily he did by the spirit admonish you concerning himself, and Cephas, and Apollos, because that even then ye had begun to fall into parties and factions among yourselves.

22 Nevertheless your partiality then led you into a much less sin forasmuch as ye placed your affections upon Apostles, men of eminent reputation in the church; and upon another, who was greatly tried and approved of by them.

23 But consider, we pray you, who are they that have now led you astray; and lessened the reputation of that brotherly love that was so eminent among you;

24 It is a shame, my beloved, yea, a very great shame, and unworthy of your Christian profession, to hear that the most firm and ancient church of the Corinthians should, by one or two persons, be led into a sedition against its priests.

25 And this report is come not only to us, but to those also that differ from us.

26 Insomuch that the name of the Lord is blasphemed through your folly; and even ye yourselves are brought into danger by it.

27 Let us therefore with all haste put an end to this sedition; and let us fall down before the Lord, and beseech him with tears that he would be favourably reconciled to us, and restore us again to a seemly and holy course of brotherly love.

28 For this is the gate of righteousness, opening unto life: As it is written, I Open unto me the gates of righteousness; I will go into them and will praise the Lord. This is the gate of the Lord, the righteous shall enter into it.

29 Although therefore many gates are opened, yet this gate of righteousness is that gate in Christ at which blessed are they that enter in, and direct their way in holiness and righteousness; doing all things without disorder.

30 Let a man be faithful, let him be powerful in the utterance of knowledge; let him be wise in making an exact judgment of words; let him be pure in all his actions.

31 But still by how much the more he seems to be above others, by reason of these things, by so much the more will it behove him to be humble-minded; and to seek what is profitable to all men, and not his own advantage.


1 The value which God, puts upon love and unity: the effects of a true charity, 8 which is the gift of God, and must be obtained by prayer.

HE that has the love that is in Christ, let him keep the commandments of Christ.

2 For who is able to express the obligation of the love of God? What man is sufficient to declare, and is fitting, the excellency of its beauty?

3 The height to which charity leads, is inexpressible.

4 Charity unites us to God; charity covers the multitude of sins: charity endures all things; is long-suffering in all things.

5 There is nothing base and sordid in charity: charity lifts not itself up above others; admits of no divisions; is not seditious; but does all things in peace and concord.

6 By charity were all the elect of