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We shall rise, and be judged, in our bodies; therefore we must live well in them; 6 that we ought, for our own interest, to live well; though few seem to mind what, really is for their advantage; 10 and we should not deceive ourselves: seeing God will certainly judge us, and render to all of us according to our works.

AND let not any one among you say, that this very flesh is not judged, neither raised up. Consider, in what were you saved in what did you look up, if not whilst you were in the flesh?

2 We must, therefore, keep our flesh as the temple of God. For in like manner as ye were called in the flesh, ye shall also come to judgment in the flesh. Our one Lord Jesus Christ, who has saved us, being first a spirit, was made flesh, and so called us; even so we also shall in this flesh receive the reward.

3 Let us, therefore, love one another, that we may attain unto the kingdom of God. Whilst we have time to be healed, let us deliver up ourselves to God our physician, giving our reward unto him.

4 And what reward shall we give?--Repentance out of a pure heart. For he knows all things beforehand, and searches out our very hearts.

5 Let us, therefore, give praise unto him: not only with our mouths, but with all our souls; that he may receive us as children. For so the Lord hath said; They are my brethren, who do the will of my father.

6 Wherefore, my brethren, let us do the will of the Father, who hath called us, that we may live. Let us pursue virtue, and forsake wickedness, which leadeth us into sins; and let us flee all ungodliness, that evils overtake us not.

7 For, if we shall do our diligence to live well, peace shall follow us. And yet how hard is it to find a man that does this? For almost all are led by human fears, choosing rather the present enjoyments, than the future promise.

8 For they know not how great a torment the present enjoyments bring with them; nor what delights the future promise.

9 And if they themselves only did this, it might the more easily be endured; but now they go on to infect innocent souls with their evil doctrines; not knowing that both themselves, and those that hear them, shall receive a double condemnation.

10 Let us, therefore, serve God with a pure heart, and we shall be righteous: but if we shall not serve him, because we do not believe the promise of God, we shall be miserable.

11 For thus saith the prophet; Miserable are the double-minded, who doubt in their heart, and say, these things we have heard, even. in the time of our fathers, but we have seen none of them, though we have expected them from day to day.

12 O ye fools! compare yourselves to a tree; take the vine for an example. First it sheds its leaves, then it buds, then come the sour grapes, then the ripe fruit; even so my people has borne its disorders and afflictions, but shall hereafter receive good things.

13 Wherefore my brethren, let us not doubt in our minds, but let us expect with hope, that we may receive our reward; for he is faithful, who has promised that he will render to everyone a reward according to his works.

14 If, therefore, we shall do what is just in the sight of God we shall enter into his kingdom,