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such things as are incorruptible, how much more should you do it in those that are corruptible?

17 Thou shalt not be forward to speak; for the mouth is the snare of death. Strive for thy soul with all thy might. Reach not out thine hand to receive, and withhold it not when thou shouldest give.

18 Thou shalt love, as the apple of thine eye, everyone that speaketh unto thee the Word of the Lord. Call to thy remembrance, day and night, the future judgment.

19 Thou shalt seek out every day, the persons of the righteous; and both consider and go about to exhort others by the word, and meditate how thou mayest save a soul.

20 Thou shaft also labour with thy hands to give to the poor, that thy sins may be forgiven thee, Thou shalt not deliberate whether thou shouldst give; nor having given, murmur at it.

21 Give to everyone that asks so shalt thou know who is the good rewarder of thy gifts.

22 Keep what thou hast received; thou shalt neither add to it nor take from it.

23 Let the wicked be always thy aversion. Thou shalt judge with righteous judgment. Thou shalt never cause divisions; but shalt make peace between those that are at variance, and bring them together.

24 Thou shalt confess thy sins; and not come to thy prayer with an evil conscience.

25 This is the way of light.


Of the way of darkness; that is, what kind of persons shall be for ever cast out of the kingdom of God.

BUT the way of darkness is crooked, and full of cursing. For it is the way of eternal death, with punishment; in which they that walk meet those things that destroy their own souls.

2 Such are; idolatry, confidence, pride of power, hypocrisy, double- mindedness, adultery, murder, rapine, pride, transgression, deceit, malice, arrogance, witchcraft, covetousness, and the want of the fear of God.

3 In this, walk those, who are the persecutors of them that are good; haters of truth; lovers of lies; who know not the reward of righteousness, nor cleave to any thing that is good.

4 Who administer not righteous judgment to the widow and orphan; who watch for wickedness, and not for the fear of the Lord;

5 From whom gentleness and patience are far off: who love vanity, and follow after rewards; having no compassion upon the poor; nor take any pains for such as are heavy laden and oppressed.

6 Ready to evil speaking, not knowing him that made them; murderers of children; corrupters of the creature of God; that turn away from the needy; oppress the afflicted; are the advocates of the rich, but unjust judges of the poor; being altogether sinners.

7 It is therefore fitting that learning the just commands of the Lord, which we have before mentioned, we should walk in them. For he who does such things shall be glorified in the kingdom of God.

8 But he that chooses the other part, shall be destroyed, together with his works. For this cause there shall be both a resurrection, and a retribution.

9 I beseech those that are in high estate among you, (if so be you will take the counsel which with a good intention I offer to you,) you have those with you towards whom you may do good; do not forsake them.

10 For the day is at hand in which all things shall be destroyed, together with the wicked one. The Lord is near, and his reward is with him.

11 I beseech you, therefore,