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taken that charge upon him, he did whatsoever his lord commanded him. And when he had staked the vineyard, and found it to be full of weeds, he began to think within himself, saying:

12 I have done what my lord commanded me, I will now dig this vineyard, and when it is digged, it will be more beautiful; and the weeds being pulled up, it will bring forth more fruit and not be choked by the weeds.

13 So setting about this work he digged it, and plucked up all the weeds that were in it; and so the vineyard became very beautiful and prosperous, not being choked with weeds.

14 After some time the lord of the vineyard comes and goes into the vineyard, and when he saw that it was handsomely staked and digged, and the weeds plucked up that were in it, and the vines flourishing, he rejoiced greatly at the care of his servant.

15 And calling his son whom he loved, and who was to be his heir, and his friends with whom he was wont to consult; he tells them what he had commanded his servant to do, and what his servant had done more; and they immediately congratulated that servant, that he had received so full a testimony from his lord.

16 Then he said to them, I indeed promised this servant his liberty, if he observed the command which I gave him; and he observed it, and besides has done a good work to my vineyard, which has exceedingly pleased me.

17 Wherefore, for this work which he hath done, I will make him my heir together with my son; because that when he saw what was good, he neglected it not, but did it.

18 This design of the lord both his son and his friends approved, namely, that his servant should be heir together with his son.

19 Not long after this the master of the family calling together, his friends, sent from his supper several kinds of food to that servant.

20 Which when he had received, he took so much of them as was sufficient for himself, and divided the rest among his fellow-servants.

21 Which when they had received, they rejoiced; and wished that he might find yet greater favour with his lord, for what he had done to them.

22 When his lord heard all these things, he was again filled with great joy: and calling again his friends and his son together, he related to them what his servant had done with the meats which he had sent unto him.

23 They therefore so much the more assented to the master of the household; and he ought to make that servant his heir together with his son.

24 I said unto him, sir, I know not these smilitudes, neither can I understand them, unless you expound them unto me. I will, says he, expound, all things unto thee whatsoever I have talked with thee, or shown unto thee.

25 Keep the commandments of the Lord and thou shalt be approved, and shall be written in the number of those that keep his commandments. But if besides those things which the Lord hath commanded, thou shalt add some good thing; thou shall purchase to thyself a greater dignity, and be in more favour with the Lord than thou shouldst otherwise have been.

26 If therefore thou shalt keep the commandments of the Lord, and shalt add to them these stations, thou shall rejoice; but especially if thou shalt keep them according to my commands.

27 I said unto him, sir, whatsoever thou shah command me, I will observe; for I know that thou wilt be with me. I will, said he, be with thee who hast