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underwent many trials, being mindful of their evil doings.

79 If And when he had ended his explications of all the rods, he said unto me, Go, and say unto all men that they repent, and they shall live unto God; because the Lord being moved with great clemency hath sent me to preach repentance unto all:

80 Even unto those who by reason of their evil doings, deserve not to attain unto salvation. But the Lord will by patient, and keep the invitation that was made by his Son.

81 I said unto him, sir, I hope that all when they shall hear these things, will repent. For I trust that everyone acknowledging his crimes, and taking up the fear of the Lord, will return unto repentance.

82 He said unto me, Whosoever shall repent with all their hearts, and cleanse themselves from all the evils that I have before mentioned, and not add anything more to their sins, shall receive from the Lord cure of their former iniquities, if they do not make any doubt of these commands, and shall live unto God.

83 But they that shall continue to add to their transgressions, and still converse with the lusts of the present world, shall condemn themselves unto death. But do thou walk in these commands, and whosoever shall Walk in these, and exercise them rightly, shall live unto God.

84 And having showed me all these things, he said; I will show thee the rest in a few days.


The greatest mysteries of the militant and triumphant Church which is to be built.

AFTER I had Written the Commands and similitudes of the Shepherd, the Angel of Repentance came unto me, and said to me, I will show thee all those things which the Spirit spake with thee under the figure of the church. For that Spirit is the Son of God.

2 And because thou wert weak in body, it was not declared unto thee by the angel, until thou wert strengthened by the Spirit, and increased in force, that thou mightest also see the angel:

3 For then indeed the building of the tower was very well and gloriously shown unto thee by the church; nevertheless thou sawest all things shown unto thee as it were by a virgin.

4 But now thou art enlightened by the angel, and yet by the same Spirit. But thou must consider all things diligently; for therefore am I sent into thy house by that venerable messenger, that when thou shalt have seen all things powerfully, thou mayest not be afraid as before.

5 And he led me to the height of a mountain in Arcadia, and we sat upon its top. And he showed me a great plain, and about it twelve mountains in different figures.

6 The first was black as soot. The second was smooth, without herbs. The third was full of thorns and thistles. The fourth had herbs half dried; of which the upper part was green, but that next the root was dry; and some of the herbs, when the sun grew hot, were dry.

7 The fifth mountain was very rugged; but yet had green herbs. The sixth mountain was full of clefts, some lesser, and some greater; and in these clefts grew grass, not flourishing, but which seemed to be withering.

8 The seventh mountain had delightful pasture, and was wholly fruitful; and all kinds of cattle, and of the birds of heaven; fed upon it; and the more they fed on it, the more and better did the grass grow.

9 The eighth mountain was full of fountains, and from those