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thought for a servant to deliberate whether he should deny his master: Take heed therefore ye who have such thoughts, that this mind Pontinrie not in you, and ye die unto God.

239 But ye who suffer death for his name sake, ought to honour the Lord, that he has esteemed you worthy to bear his name; and that you should be delivered from all your sins.

240 And why therefore do you not rather esteem yourselves happy? Ye think verily that if any one among you suffer, he performs a great work! Yet the Lord giveth you life, and ye understand it not. For your offences did oppress you; and if you had not suffered for his name sake, ye would now be dead unto the Lord.

241 Wherefore I speak this unto you who deliberate whether ye should confess or deny him. Confess that ye have the Lord for your God, lest at any time denying him, ye be delivered up into bonds.

242 For if all nations punish their servants which deny their masters; what think you that the Lord will do unto you, who has the power of all things?

243 Remove therefore out of your hearts these doubts, that ye may live for ever unto God.

244 As for the twelfth mountain, which was white, they are such as have believed like sincere children, into whose thoughts there never came any malice, nor have they ever known what sin was, but have always continued in their integrity.

245 Wherefore this kind of men shall without all doubt inherit the kingdom of God; because they have never in any thing defiled the commandments of God, but have continued with sincerity in the same condition all the days of their lives.

246 Whosoever therefore, said he, shall continue as children without malice; shall be more honourable than all those of whom I have yet spoken: for all such children are honoured by the Lord, and esteemed the first of all.

247 Happy therefore are ye who shall remove all malice from you, and put on innocence; be. cause ye shall first see the Lord. 248 And after he had thus ended his explication of all the mountains, I said unto him, Sir, show me now also what concerns the stones that were brought out of the plain, and put into the tower in the room of those that were rejected.

249 As also concerning those round stones which were added into the building of the tower; and also of those who still continued round.

250 Hear now, says he, concerning those stones which were brought out of the plain into the building of the tower, and placed in the room of those that were rejected: they are the roots of that white mountain.

251 Wherefore because those who have believed of that mountain, were very innocent; the lord of this tower commanded that they which were of the roots of this mountain should be placed into the building.

252 For he knew that if they were put into, this building they would continue bright; nor would any of them any more be made black.

253 But if he had added after this manner, from the rest of the mountains, he would almost have needed again to visit the tower, and to cleanse it.

254 Now all these white stones are the young men who have believed, or shall believe; for they are all of the same kind. Happy is this kind, because it is innocent.

255 Hear now also concerning those round and bright stones; all these are of this white mountain. But they are therefore found round, because their riches have