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"I was born a few years after your gracious majesty left our father's house. And my life was not a happy one, because I did not know your fate."

"I thank you," replied the queen, "for your kind solicitude for my welfare, and I rejoice to see you here; but when my husband, the great king of sea lions, returns home, you must hide until I can put him in a good humour, for he generally comes tired and much fatigued after his day's labour among his unruly subjects, and is not disposed to see strangers."

"I have a cloak that renders me invisible when I wear it; therefore you need not be uneasy about me, for I shall put it on when I hear him coming."

Shortly after this the king of sea-lions was heard entering the cavern, filling the air with a roar like that of the king of the forest. When the young man heard the terrific noise, he was not disposed to face the monster that could utter such an angry sound; he at once put on his cloak, and remained with it on until he saw the great king pacified by the tender caresses of his good sister.

When the queen introduced him to her lord and husband, the king seemed pleased to see him, and asked him to remain with them a few days, that he might take him through his vast realm, and show him all the beautiful objects in it, and the number of subjects who owed him obedience. The young man, however, excused himself from remaining much