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Terrible Tales

mother’s arms, and all were convinced that Felippo had gone suddenly mad. But it was not many moments before they changed their opinion. The blood forsook his countenance, he was ashen pale—his lips moved as if with words upon them that he could not utter—his eyes dilated—his form swayed as if he had not strength to stand—then he fell forward—dead.

‘It was thought he had been poisoned, but upon an examination of the body the physicians could find no confirmation of such suspicions. The relations resolved to keep the whole matter as secret as possible. What was very strange is that the ring which had been so often sought for in vain was now found among Camilla’s ornaments.

‘So my long narrative ends.’

‘That is a marvellous legend in good earnest,’ said the Count.

‘To say the truth, I should rather not have listened to it,’ said Laura; ‘I felt many times a cold shudder in every limb.’

When we retired to rest the Duke whispered to me—

‘I have a few words to say to you in private.’

I brought him into my chamber.

‘I perceive your kind intentions,’ said he. ‘This lying story you have made up——

‘Stop!’ cried I. ‘You have heard that I myself was a witness. How dare you accuse a man of honour of falsehood?’

‘Of that afterwards, but for the present let me observe that wheresoever you got the anecdote of the wine mixed with blood, I know from whose real life that story was first derived.’

‘It was taken from the life of Felippo. Of that