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THE ANCESTOR FAMILY HISTORY FROM PRIVATE MANUSCRIPTS UNDER this title we propose to place at the disposition of our readers some of the valuable and interesting material for the history of families and of family seats which exists in a scattered form in the Appendices to the Reports of the Historial Manuscripts Commission. Only those who have had the leisure to read steadily through the vast mass of these ' Parliamentary Papers ' can have formed any conception of the mine of wealth they constitute for those who are inter- ested in the doings of our ancestors, their births, marriages and deaths, the homes in which they lived, their court and private gossip, their manners, customs and travels. We give below some extracts from one of the smallest of these volumes {Report XV. Appendix x.) which will illustrate at least the diversified character of the information they contain. J. H. R. 1 58 1, 26 Aug. 5/. to be given to Sir George Bromley, knt., and to Edward Leighton, esq., in respect of a marriage now solemnized between their children, in such things as they shall best like of. (' Shrewsbury Corporation Records,' p. 22) Temp. Hen. III. — Grant from Roger de Langleberge to Hugh de Croft in marriage dowry with Hysobella his eldest daughter of his land in Bradefeld which he held of Ralph de Sudintone and John de Crede- welle. Witn., Will, fitz Warin, Brian de Brauntone, Gwarin de Grenedene, Rob. de Ely, Walter fitz Peter, Roger fitz Adam. Sir Walter Corbet's MSS.' p. 70) 1 3 16, 4 Apr., 9 Edw. II. — Grant from John Burnel and Matilda his wife, daughter of John le Mynsmyth, to William le Rous, son of Sir Philip le Rous, knt., of a messuage in le Berewardstrete,^ (Northampton). Witn., Henry le Garlecmongere, mayor, Henry de Westone and Barthol. de Reyni, bailiffs, etc. (Ibid. p. 74) 1326, 28 Feb., 19 Edw. II. — Release from William son of Will, le Rous to Firmyn le Rous of all his right in the lands, etc., which the 1 The names of the street called after the * Bearward ' and of the garlic- selling mayor should be observed.