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THE ANCESTOR 265 A GENEALOGIST'S KALENDAR OF CHANCERY SUITS OF THE TIME OF CHARLES I. NO records are more fruitful in information for the geneal- ogist than the records of proceedings in the Court ot Chancery. Their great bulk makes it plain that a suit in Chancery was indulged in by almost every family of our law- loving peopleĀ ; and it is making hardly too great a claim for these bills and answers and their accompanying depositions to assert that everybody's pedigree lies somewhere in these great deeps of parchment. From the bills and answers of the time of Charles I. a series of notes will appear in 'The Ancestor. These notes, although the nature of the suit will be mentioned in each case, will be selected for their genealogical value. From a branching pedigree of eight or ten generations to some hint of a hitherto unknown marriage or kinship any good fortune is possible to the pedigree maker who will dip in this abound- ing lucky-bag of genealogy. Ai Bill (14 May 1647) of William Atlee the elder of Acton, co. Middle- sex, yeoman, complainant. Answer (20 May 1 647) of George Lamploe of Little Yeelinge [Ealing], yeo- man, and Susan Watts, widov/, defendant. Concerning the estate of Roger Watts of Little Ealing, deceased, who died in October 1645, indebted to the complainant. He was husband of the defendant Susan, who is mother to the defendant George. Ai Bill ( 1 1 Feb. 1 640) ^ of Gilbert Armstronge of Rempston, co. Notts, esquire, complainant. Answer (...) of Hugh Armstronge, clerk, defendant, parson of Thorpe in the Clotts, co. Notts. Concerning the rectory of Thorpe to which the defendant was pre- sented by (his fatherĀ ?) the father of the complainant. The com- plainant is his father's heir and exor. The defendant names his wife Frances. 1 Throughout these extracts the dates remain in the old style, the year being reckoned as beginning upon the 25 th March.