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tints of green wax, and a shade of light yellow wax; some bloom for white flowers and tea roses, also some tints for making Violets, dark Roses, Geraniums, and very brilliant colored flowers, prepared expressly by myself.

The following colors in powder: White; chrome yellow, No. 1; chrome yellow, No. 2; chrome yellow, No. 3; carmine; ultramarine blue; prussian blue; vermilion; magenta or solferino.

These can be obtained at Mr. H. H. Dickinson's, corner of Montague and Hicks streets, Brooklyn, and most of the artists' paint-stores in the United States.

The tints before mentioned made by myself are: Sofrano Rose bloom, two or three shades; white bloom; prepared violet carmine; prepared mauve; French violet; rose pinks, three shades. By using these colors you can get the very delicate tints seen in Roses, Geraniums, Violets, and Heartsease without the trouble of mixing them. There is a preparation in these that makes the color very easy to lay on, and produces the soft and velvet-like look of nature. They should never be used except as dry color to be rubbed on with the fingers.

Be sure that you see the signature G. Worgan, on the boxes of bloom, as none other are genuine unless signed by me.