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and Geranium, when in large clusters, as seen in the Wild Rose, Orange Flower, and Myrtle, put as many as you think looks natural. It was once the custom to form stamens by taking the sheet wax, turning down the edge, and cutting them in fine strips; this is done now in some cases when the stamens are of uniform height. I prefer in all cases to make the stamens of thread, though it requires much longer time; but in art time is but a secondary consideration, truthfulness being the only aim of the student.

There are two ways of using the color, one by taking the bristle brush, dipping the end of the stick in water and dropping it on the pallet, putting a small portion of the color on the brush, then passing it gently over the surface of the wax petals; the other is by rubbing the color on the surface with the finger and thumb of the right hand, taking care that the color come not in contact with the bottom of the petal, or it will prevent the adhesion to the foundation.

All transparent looking flowers must be colored with the wet color, by passing the brush over the petals commencing at the top, letting the pressure on the brush deepen the shade toward the centre of the petal. This is a rule you must attend to in making the Pink Cabbage Rose, as the petals are much lighter at the top. Should you require a deeper shade at the top of the petal, as in the Pink