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4. And he called upon James, the son of James, who is surnamed "the deluded," and said unto him, "verily the men of Charleston know not of the shame we have been put to at the hands of Daniel, neither have they heard that our graven image hath been broken in pieces, and hath been exposed before the rulers of the land.

5. "Wherefore, O James, let us again put together the pieces, and let us cause it to be set up in a high place before the men of Charleston, even in the City Hall; and let us make a great feast, and let us gather together all the people, and let us say unto them:

6. "O men of Charleston! lo, this is the cunning device which hath been contrived by John, the great conjurer, whereby to destroy the Yankees, your enemies, and to put off from you the evils which George the prophet hath declared will surely come from the ordinance of him called Mallary.

7. "And its name is called Nullification; and behold it has great power and dominion over the hearts of men, for when it shall speak unto Andrew the King, he shall tremble with dread, and the ordinance, even the Tariff, shall straightway become null and void."

8. And the counsel of Robert seemed good in the sight of James, and he trusted that the people would believe, and he did as Robert had spoken.

9. Now there was a certain man of Charleston named Henry, a ruler of the people, and he had a "Grandfather."

10. And he was the high priest who stood before the altar of the false god of the heathen, even of him called Mercury, to whom the thieves, and the liars and the evil speakers of the nations offer sacrifice.

11. Now Henry bowed down day by day before the altar of the strange god, and offered sacrifice thereat, large sheets of paper, stamped and written upon in characters of ink; and afterwards he gave the sheets to his kinsmen, and his friends, and they read the characters, and believed in them.

12. And the sheets of paper found favour with the false god, for they were acceptable unto him, and he put upon them a superscription, even his own name, "The Mercury."

13. Now when Robert and James saw the daily sacrifice of Henry, and that much people received at his hands the sheets of paper, and believed in all that was written upon them, they rejoiced greatly, for they put their trust in Henry.

14. And they besought Henry to set up Nullification in the temple of Mercury, and to offer incense thereto, and to find it favour in the sight of the people.

15. And Henry the high priest hearkened unto their request, and he gave unto the people hundreds and thousands of the sheets of paper, which were daily sacrificed, and he caused to be written thereon praises unto the graven image, which John the conjurer had made, and he pronounced it a good thing to give honour and adoration thereunto.

16. And he desired his followers and all the multitude to come down to the feast which Robert the Nullifier had counselled to be