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John the Conjurer, saying that Henry the High Priest had no occasion for him.

34. And it came to pass, that the followers of James, surnamed the Courteous, began to be sorely troubled when they saw all that James, the deluded, had done, and when they heard the boastings and the clamour of their adversaries.

35. So they assembled together at a place called Seyle's, and they pitched upon certain men who should guide their counsels, and called aloud upon their countrymen to stand forth on the day of Election as the shield and buckler of Union and Peace.

36. And when they had taken counsel together, and had seen the multitude of just men who assembled with them, their hearts were strengthened, and they went forth confiding in the might of the Lord.

37. Now when the day election was come, it came to pass that the elders, and the counsellors, and the wise men, and all the people of the City, were gathered together, and it was commanded that each man should put into certain Boxes of wood, the name of him whom he desired to rule over the City.

38. And certain of the elders had charge of the Boxes, and were commanded to open them, and to number the names which were placed within; and they all did even as they were commanded.

39. Now James, the Deluded, trusted in the spies whom he had sent forth, and in all the arts which he had used, and he boasted aloud that victory certainly belonged to Henry the High Priest.

40. And he commanded the great feast to be prepared, and made ready the cornets, the flutes, the harps, the sackbuts, the psalteries, and all kinks of music.

41. And when all the names which were in the Boxes should be counted, he commanded that a note of triumph should be sounded, and that all his followers should march to the sound of the music to the dwelling of Henry, the High Priest, to partake of the Feast.

42. Now so great was the multitude of names which had been put in the Boxes of wood, that it was the twelfth hour of the night before the whole were numbered; and when the elders had finished, behold the numbers of James, the courteous, were greater than those of Henry the High Priest.

43. So the Elders declared that James, whom men call the Courteous, was chosen Ruler of the City; and the people of the Host of the Union, gave thanksgiving to the Lord and returned every man to his own home.

44. But when James, the Deluded, heard what had come to pass, he went out and lifted up his voice and wept aloud.


1. Now on the morrow, after the day of election, it came to pass, that the elders conducted James, who is called the courteous, to the great hall of the City, and they arrayed him in the robes of office, and all the people shouted for the good cause of "State Rights and Union."

2. But when James, surnamed the deluded, and Robert the Nullifier, and Henry the high priest, opened their eyes upon the discomfiture which