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"Oh, Matilda!"

"I say, Jim, look at that chaffinch: there's a shy!"

"Oh, Crikey!"

"Miss Timms, do you admire Lord Byron?"

"Oh, yes!"

"What do you think of Rubini's singing?"


"So then, you see, we popped round the corner, and caught them just in the nick of time."


"Sir, your behavior has done you great credit."


"Oats are looking up."


"Honorable Members might say what they pleased; but he was convinced, for his part, that the New Poor Law had given great general satisfaction."

"Oh! oh!"

There being now no reason (or rule) to detain us in the Syntax, we shall forthwith advance into Prosody, where we shall have something to say, not only about rules, but also of measures.