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And so between them both,
They lick'd the platter clean."

In this verse an additional short syllable is also admitted: as,

"Ālexĭs yoūthfŭl ploūgh-bŏy,
A Shepherdess adored,
Who loved fat Hodge, the cow-boy,
So t'other chap was floored."

4. The fourth form is made up of four Iambuses: as,

"Ădieū my bōots, cŏmpāniŏns ōld.
New footed twice, and four times soled;
My footsteps ye have guarded long,
Life's brambles, thorns, and flints among;
And now you're past the cobbler's art,
And fate declares that we must part.
Ah me! what cordial can restore
The gaping patch repatch'd before?
What healing art renew the weal
Of subject so infirm of heel?
What potion, pill, or draught control
So deep an ulcer of the sole?

5. The fifth species of English Iambic consists of five Iambuses: as,

"Cŏme, Trāgĭc Mūse, ĭn tāttĕr'd vēst ărrāy'd.
And while through blood, and mud, and crimes I wade,
Support my steps, and this, my strain, inspire
With Horror's blackest thoughts and bluest fire!"

The Epic of which the above example is the opening, will perhaps appear hereafter. This kind of Iambic constitutes what is called the heroic measure:—of which we shall have more to say by and by; but shall