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Contents of Dick & Fitzgerald's Dime Song Books.



Away Down East.
Bachelor's Hall.
Barney O'Neil.
Billy O'Rourke.
Bobbing Around.
Bold Privateer.
Boy with the Auburn Hair.
Captain Fitzeasy.
Emma Lee.
Evening Star.
Ever of Thee.
Flaming O'Flannagan.
Homeward Bound.
Iffy, Iffy, If.
I have no Mother Now.
Independence Day.
Isle of Beauty.
Johnny is gone for a Soldier.
Josiah Brown.
Kitty O'Rourke.
Larry O'Brien.
Last Week I took a Wife.
Listen, Dear Fanny.
Lost Umberrell.
Mary Avourneen.

Michael O'Neary's Wake.

Molly of the Mead.
My Boyhood's Happy Home.
My Heart is Sad.
My Son, Mickey.
Norah McShane.
Och, Blood and 'Ounds.
Oh! Come With Me.
Ould Ireland! You're My Darlin'.
Our Mary Ann.
Paddy O'Flannagan.
Paddy's Wedding.
Peter Gray.
Riddle Cum Dinky Doo.
Rim, Tom! Tramp!
Sal Sling.
The Cavalier.
The Emerald Isle.
The Irishman's Shanty.
The Irish Shoemaker.
The Scenes of Home.
The Tail iv My Coat.
Trust to Luck.
We were Boys and Girls Together.
When the Swallows Homeward Fly
Widow Clumsee.

Widow Muhony.

Copies mailed to any address in the United States, free of postage, upon receipt of ten cents.



A Penny for Your Thoughts.
Alice Gray.
Autumn Leaves be Strewed Around
Aggie Asthore.
All's for the Best.
Brightest Eyes.
Be Off with You, now.
Ben Bolt.
Beautiful Silver Sea.
Come into the Garden, Maud.
Evening Star.
Ever of Thee.
Emma Lee.
Ellen Bayne.
Good News from Home.
Good Night! Good Night, Beloved!
Good-bye. Sweetheart! Good-bye!
Give Me a Cot in the Valley I love.
Home Again!
Hark! I Hear an Angel Sing.

He Doeth All Things Well.
I Ask but for One Thrilling Kiss.
I Wandered by the Brook Side.
I am Leaving Thee.
I'd Offer Thee this Hand
I'm not Myself at all.
In this Old Chair.
Jenny's Coming o'er the Green.
Kitty Tyrrell.
Kathleen Mavourneen.
Katy Darling.
Kitty of Coleraine.
Little Jenny Dow.
Lizzie Dies To-night.
Listen to the Mocking Bird.
Last Greeting.
Let the Toast be Dear Woman.
Love Me Little, Love Me Long.
Mary Aileen.

Molly Bawn.