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Popular Books sent Free of Postage at the prices annexed. Live and Learn: A Guide for all those who -wish to speak and write correctly; particularly intended as a Book of Refenncp for the tolu- tion of difficulties connected with Grammar, Composition, Puncfua- tion, "fee, &e., containing examples of one tiiousand mistakes of daily occurrence, in speaking, writing, and pronunciation. 216 pngcs, cloth, l2rao Price 63 cts. The Harp of a Thotisand Strings; or, LaughtKr for a Lifetime. A large liook of nearly 400 pnges. By the Author of Mrs. I'nrtiriglon's Carpel-Bag of Fun." Bound in a handsome gilt cover. Cont.iinjn? more than a million laughs, and crowded full of Funny Stories, besides being illustrated wilh over Two Hundred Comical Engravings, by Darley, McLennan, Bellew, &c Price S1.25. The Book of 1.000 Comical Stories; or. Endless Repast of Fun. Ap- propriately illustrated with 300 Comic Engravings. By the Anilior of " Mrs. Partington's Carpet Bag of Fun." Large 12ino. cloth. Price 51.00. The Perfect Gentleman; or. Etiquette and Eloquence. A Book of In- formation and Instruction for those who desire to become bi liUant and conspicuous in General Society; or at Parties, Dinners, or Popular Gatherings. Containing Model Speeches for all Occasions, with Di- rections how to deliver them; 500 Toasts and Sentiments for every- body, and their proper mode of introduction; How to use Wino at Tabic; with Ruks for judging the quality of AVine, and Buli's for Carving; Etiquette, or proper Behavior in Company, with an American Code of I'nliteness for every Oocasinn; Etiquette at AVashi-g'un, Be- markaMe Wit and Conversation at Tabic, &c., Ac. To which is adde'l, The Dutirs of a Chaiiman of a Public Meeting, with Rules fur fljn Or- derly Conduct thereof; together with Valuable Hints and Examples for Drawing up Preambles and Resolutions, and a great deal of in- structive and amusing matter never before published. 12mo. cloth, nearly 400 pages Price S1.25. Songs of Ireland: Embracing Songs of the Affections, Convivial and Comic Songs, Patriotic and Militarj- Songs; Historical and Political Songs; Moral, Sentimental, Satirical, and Miscellaneons Songs. Edi- ted and Annotated by Samiei, Lover, Author of "Handy Andy," "Rory OMore," Legends and Stories of Ireland," &c. Einheilishcd with numerous fine Illustrations, engraved by the celcl rated Dilzicl. l-2mo. cloth, gilt side and back Price ยง1.25. Narratives and Adventures of Travelers in Africa, By Charl. s 'Wil- liams, Esq. 12mo. cloth, gilt back. Profusely illustrated Avilli En- gravings Price Sl.OO. The Lady's Own Pattern Book; or, Treasures in Ncedlnrork. Com- prisinginstructions in Knitting, Nettins, Crochet, Point Lace, Tatting, Braiding, Embrniderv, &c. Illustrated with over Five Hundred Use- ful and Ornamental Designs, Patterns, iScc. By Mrs. Pullan and JIis. Warren. Large 12mo. gilt side and back. Tliis work, which is .su- perbly gotten up, so as tofitit for holiday soureni'rs, coritainsover Five Hundred Engravings, Pattern Plates, Ac., and besides, embraces minute instructions for the execution of every known species of needle-work. Ko family should be without it Price S1.25. Anecdotes of Love. Being a true account of the most remarkable events connected with the History of Love in all Ages and among all Nations. By Lola Montez, Countess of Landsfeldt. Large 12mo, cloth. Price SL26. Send cash orders to Dick &. Fitzgerald, 1 8 Aun St., N. Y. Jl