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Popular Books sent Free of Postage at the Prices annexed.

Fontaine's Golden Wheel Dream-Book and Fortune-Teller. By Felix Fontaine, Fortune-Teller and Astrologer. Being the most complete book on Fortune-Telling and Interpreting Dreams ever printed. Each Dream has the lucky number which the Dream signifies attached to it, and those who wish to purchase Lottery Tickets will do well to consult them. This book also informs you how to Tell Fortunes with the Golden Wheel, with Cards, Dice, and Dominoes; how to tell future events by Psalmistry on the lines of the hands, by moles on the body, by the face, nails, and shape of the head; how to find where to dig for water, coal, and all kinds of metals, with the celebrated Divining Rod; Charms to make your Sweetheart love you, to make your Lover pop the question; together with Twenty Ways of Telling Fortunes on New Year's Eve. (illegible text) book contains 144 pages, and is bound in pasteboard sides with clot(illegible text) back. It is illustrated with numerous Engravings, showing how to hold the Divining Rod, how to lay out Cards when you Tell Fortunes, how to tell the names of your intended Wife or Husband by the charm of the Key and Book, etc. This book also contains a large Colored Lithographic Engraving of the Golden Wheel, which folds up. It is the cheapest on our list----------Price 30 cts.

Chesterfield's Letter-Writer and Complete Book of Etiquette; or, Concise Systematic Directions for Arranging and Writing Letters. Also, Model Correspondence in Friendship and Business, and a great variety of Model Love Letters. If any lady or gentleman desires to know how to begin a Love Correspondence, this is just the book they want. If they wish to speak their minds to a tardy, a bashful, or a careless or indifferent lover, or sweetheart, this book tells exactly how it should be done. This work is also a Complete Book of Etiquette. You will find more real information in this book than in half-a-dozen volumes of the more expensive ones. It is emphatically a book for the million, and one which every young person should have. As it contains Etiquette for Ladies, as well as for Gentlemen——Etiquette of Courtship and Marriage——Etiquette for writing Love Letters, and all that sort of thing, it is an appropriate book to present to a lady. This book contains 136 pages, and is bound in pasteboard sides, with cloth back----------Price 30 cts.

Le Marchand's Fortune-Teller and Dream-Book. A complete interpretation to all questions upon the different events and situations of life; but more especially relating to Love, Courtship and Marriage. Containing the significations of all the various Dreams, together with numerous other methods of foretelling future events. By Madam Le Marchand, the celebrated Parisian Fortune- Teller----------Price 30 cts.

100 Tricks With Cards. J. H. Green, the Reformed Gambler, has just authorized the publication of a new edition of his book entitled, "Gamblers' Tricks with Cards Exposed and Explained." This is a book of 93 pages, and it exposes and explains all the mysteries of the Gambling Tables. It is interesting not only to those who play, but to those who do not. Old Players will get some new ideas from this curious book----------Price 25 cts.

Laughing Gas. An Encyclopædia of Wit, Wisdom, and Wind. By Sam Slick, Jr. Comically illustrated with 100 original and laughable Engravings, and nearly 500 side-extending Jokes, and other things to get fat on; and the best of it is, that every thing about the book is new and fresh——all new——new designs, new stories, new type ——no comic almanac stuff. It will be found a complete antidote to

"hard times"----------Price 25 cts.

Send cash orders to Dick & Fitzgerald, 13 Ann St., N. Y.