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à Becket, Hon. Thomas Turner (p. 1). He died in Melbourne on July 1st, 1892.

Atkinson, Major Hon. Sir Harry Albert, K.C.M.G., M.L.C. (p. 19). Sir Harry Atkinson was born in Cheshire in 1831.

Begg, Ferdinand Faithfull, F.R.G.S., is the son of Dr. James Begg, of the Free Church of Scotland, and was born in Edinburgh in 1847. He emigrated to New Zealand, where he entered the service of the Union Bank of Australia and remained for a number of years. Returning to Scotland, Mr. Begg started as a stock-broker in Edinburgh, and became chairman of the Stock Exchange in that city. Subsequently he joined the London Stock Exchange, and is head of the firm of Faithfull Begg & Co. He married in 1873 Miss Jessie M. Cargill, of Dunedin, N.Z. In July 1892 he unsuccessfully contested Kennington for a seat in the House of Commons in the Conservative interest. Mr. Begg has been one of the foremost advocates of imperial federation.

Berncastle, Julius, was educated at the university of Paris and Guy's Hospital, London, for the medical profession, and was Assistant Colonial Surgeon of Van Diemen's Land in 1841-2. Subsequently he practised at Croydon, in Surrey, and in London. In 1854 he set up as an oculist and aurist in Sydney, and practised there till 1867, when he removed to Melbourne, where he died on June 30th, 1870, aged fifty-one years. He was author of "A Voyage to China" (2 vols., 1850); "The Revolt of the Bengal Sepoys" (1857); "The Defenceless State of Sydney" (1865); "Australian Snakebites" and "The Use and Abuse of Tobacco" (1868).

Bird, Hon. Bolton Stafford (p. 41). In August 1892 Mr. Bird resigned the position of Treasurer of Tasmania, and retired with his colleagues, owing to the defeat of his financial proposals in the House of Assembly.

Birnie, Richard (p. 41). He died in Melbourne on Sept. 16th, 1888.

Boyce, Rev. William Binnington, one of the oldest colonists and one of the leading clergymen of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of New South Wales, was a native of the United Kingdom. In his early career his time was chiefly given to missionary work, and about 1830 he proceeded to South Africa, where he laboured for thirteen years as a missionary. In Jan. 1846 he arrived in Sydney, with the appointment of General Superintendent of Wesleyan Missions. Subsequently he was unanimously elected President of the first Wesleyan Conference held in Australia. In 1850 he was appointed a member of the Senate of the Sydney University, being one of the sixteen original members of that body. He died in Sydney, at the age of eighty-four, on March 8th, 1889. Mr. Boyce was the author of several works of a theological character.

Brennan, Louis, C.B., the inventor of the torpedo which bears his name, is the son of Thomas Brennan by his marriage with Miss Bridget MacDonel, and was born in Ireland on Jan. 28th, 1852. He went to Melbourne with his parents when eleven