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special investigation made by schedules sent to about 15,000 Jewish families in the United States of which over 10,000 were returned.

Bulletin No. 25.—Statistics of Indians. The total number of Indians in the United States, exclusive of Alaska, was 249,273.

Bulletin No. 28.—Freight traffic on the Great Lakes. Aggregate tons carried was 27,460,260 tons, and average distance carried was 566 miles.

Bulletin No. 30.—Alaska. Total population, 21,929.

Bulletin No. 31.—Convicts in penitentiaries: 1890. Total number, 45,233; native whites, 23,094; foreign-born, 7,267; coloured, 14,687.

Bulletin Nos. 32, 33, and 34.—Distribution of population in accordance with mean annual rainfall; with mean annual temperature; centre of population.

The other bulletins are concerning administrative matters or returns of minor importance.

Richmond Mayo-Smith