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The HIVE, A Collection of Scraps.

Exercet sub sole labor——
—— et in medium quæsita repinit. Virg.


IT was said of a prince, "that his subjects shewed no grief at his death, their whole affliction been already spent upon his life."

2. It was said of a general in the moment of victory, "that conquest was defeated in his loss."

3. It was said of a private person, that "before his virtues titles blushed, ashamed of their pre-eminence."

4. The Duke d'Olivarez, prime minister of Spain, had war declared against France, because Cardinal Richlieu in subscribing a letter to him, happened to leave out the word tres before humble serviteur.

5. The Emperor Septimus Severus had such an equal mixture of virtues and vices in his composition, that the senate passed this sentence on him, "That he ought never to have been born, or never have died, as he was too bad to live, and too good to die."

6. It was said of a lady now living, that she was one of those pattern pieces who always say certain things, and do certain things, and whose life is acted by a ritual. She giveth arms, but not charity, thinking not of the object but of her own soul. She giveth not to the poor, but only lendeth to the Lord.

7. The following character of mankind is given by Apuleius. "Homines ratione plaudentes, oration pollentes, immorralibus animis, moribundis membris, levibus et auxiis mentibus, brutis obnoxiis corporibus, dissimilibus moribus, similibus erroribus, pervicaciâ audacia, pertinaci spe, casso labore, fortunâ caducâ, volucri tempore, tardâ sapientiâ, citâ morte, querulâ vitâ terras incolunt."

The following curious bill was found on examining the papers of the late Mr. Gitton, attorney, of Bridgenorth.

Hon. Sir Thomas Gitton, Esq.
Debtor to John Ridley, carpenter.

Sept. 27 1759. For hacking and yawing and sawing and squareing and cutting and contriving and hanging John Ridley three days and a half 7s. 7d.

To the Editors of the European Magazine.


I am a constant reader of your valuable publication, and mean to encourage it. I have been studying the following manuscript, but not being able to find either the meaning or value of it, must beg the favour of some more ingenious correspondent to help me.

And am, gentlemen, yours, &c.
Mother Spashat.

Portsmouth, April 8th.


"I do go, and I do come unto you with the love of God, with the humility of Christ, with the holiness of our blessed Lady, with the faith of Abraham, with the justice of Isaac, with the virtue of David, with the might of Peter, with the constancy of Paul, with the word of God, with the authority of Gregory, with the prayer of Clement, with the flood of Jordan.—pppege gaqq est ptik abg k2ax tgt hamg 2421ggpx egpka 99 zeoppr. Oh only father + Oh only Lord + and Jesus + passing thro' the midst of them + went + in the name of the + Father + and of the Son + and of the Holy Ghost + Schembamphores, (Symbol missingHebrew characters)