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For which thine fathers shed their precious blood?
But if thou must, why hidest thou not thy shame
Behind the minions of the tyrant's host,
Instead of coming with defiant brow
Into the midst of those, whose every glance
Must call thy sore disgrace before thy mind.


I hither come, bound by my oath and duty,
To follow which is virtue, no disgrace.
'Tis you who are at fault; you broke your faith
To Mexico's benevolent republic.


If thou call Santa Anna Mexico,
And tyranny a righteous government,
I then will not contest thy sophistry!
Therefore enough of this! So let me know
The purpose of thine unexpected call.


His Excellency, Don Lopez Santa Anna,
Presents to thee his all-respectful greeting
And summons thee, together with thy band
Of rebels, to surrender on discretion
This fort, with all its cannon and provisions.
He will enclose in light imprisonment
Thy garrison, till peace has been restored;
But were you to continue your defence