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The Proclamation of our Independence,
And for the scattered patriots' bands the summons
To join the Army on the Colorado.
But who to bring the message to this fort,
Which as we knew, was grievously besieged?
And shall the Alamo's defenders die,
Not having shared the country's glorious joy?
"No, no!" we cried, " wherein one man would fail
There thirty-two stout bosoms will succeed."
Two wagons, spanned with fleeting horses, brought us
Into the enemy's lines, through which we dashed,
Ere yet their men had noticed our approach.


Our honor's cloak has fallen on your shoulders,
As we were wont in Congress so to say.
Yours was no breach of discipline ; it was
The grandest sacrifice yet seen. But list!
His letters read, the Colonel bides our hearing.


Let forthwith all the garrison assemble
Within the court-yard, that I may address
My gallant friends on subjects of importance.

[All leave the room.]