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Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, Dictator of Mexico, and Commander-in-Chief of the Mexican Army.

Don Martin Prefecto Cos,—his brother-in-law, and General in the Mexican Army.

Don Manuel Fernandez Castrillon,—General in the Mexican Army.

Don Francesco Duque,—Colonel in Mexican service.

Juan N. Almonte,—Colonel and Aide-de-Camp to Santa Anna.

John Davis Bradburn,—A native of Tennessee, who, having entered the Mexican service, commanded the Fort of Anahuac in the year 1832.

Elsie Bradburn,—his Daughter.

William B. Travis,—A resident of Anahuac in the year 1832, and Commander of the Texan Volunteers at the Alamo in the year 1836.

James A. Travis,—his brother, seventeen years old.

Colonel David Crockett,—Hunter, Scout, Congressman, and Champion for Texan liberty.

Colonel James Bowie,
Major Evans,
Captain Kimble,
Lieutenant Dickinson,—Commanders of Texan Volunteers under Wm. B. Travis.

Colonel J. B. Bonham,—Colonel of Texan Volunteers.

Rev. W. P. Smith,—Chaplain of the Texan Volunteers at the Alamo.

Samuel Houston,—Commander-in-Chief of the Texan Army at the San Jacinto.

Edward Burleson,—Colonel in the Texan Army.

Frank W, Johnston,—Colonel of Texan Volunteers.

John W. Smith,—called Deaf Smith, scout to General Houston.

John Austin,
Wm. J. Russell.
Wm. H. Jack,—Natives of the United States, residing in Texas in the year 1832.