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Whom with impunity no man has mocked!
It serves me right, since I let gallantry,
The frailest of all frailties, turn aside
For e'en one moment my established way.
Might is a two-edged knife; when used in earnest,
It wounds two foes;—but when in play, thyself.

[Here enter Cos, Castrillon and Almonte.]

The fugitives have not been found, I hear;
Be it decided then to storm the fort
At break of day, two hours from hence. Meanwhile
Let for some time the cannonade proceed
As the courier that heralds our advent.
Of this, thou, Cos! take charge as hitherto;
Castrillon, thou wilt lead in the assault,
While to thy task, Almonte, it will fall
To take that traitor Bradburn where he can
Best see the downfall of his rebel-friends.
For battle-cry I chose my favorite word.
Whose stirring call has oft accompanied
My banner to success and fame: "Deguello!
No quarter given! no mercy asked or shown!"
We have no time to spare for guarding captives
For lengthy trials, for painful executions:
A prudent man completes his task at once.
So, Generals, depart ye hence and go
To tell your gallant men, that Mexico
Expects to-day to hear the overthrow
And glorious conquest of the Alamo. [Exeunt]