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That through Him, with Him Texas will be free!
For as this sword, the mighty tyrant's brand,
Was torn from him by tender woman's hand,
So shall his power wreck 'gainst this feeble land.
His whelming host against our little band.

[Sinking on one knee, he stretches his arms upward.]

Oh, Lord! I pray like Simeon on my knees:
Now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace,
Since have mine eyes beheld this land's release
From bonds and rise to Freedom's blessed ease.

[He rises.]


Our time is costly, friends! for every moment
Brings nearer us to our impending doom.
So let us wisely use our time allotted
For what is most required and proceed
To celebrate our wedding-ceremony,
Where cannon-roar serves for the organ's peal,
Where rockets glare instead of nuptial torch,
Where stern-faced Death is the hymeneal god.

[The Chaplain takes his position in front of the altar at the foot of which the bridalpair kneel down. Crockett and James Travis stand behind them. The bombardment reaches, its highest force,—bombshell even now crashing through the chapel-roof.

Chaplain Smith.

With God, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost!
Speak, William Travis, wilt thou take this woman