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As children lightly in their frolic's mirth
Forget the hand that pleased them by some toy,
So we at first, when planted on this earth,
'Mid all the charms that day and night deploy,
Became oblivious of our heavenly birth.
And only reveled in our harmless joy.
All while unconscious of the waxing sin
Of selfishness and pride our hearts within.


Yet ever and anon, a " low, still voice,"
Came from our deepest hearts' abyss, that told
Of one still higher prize, a boon more choice
Than all the gifts of pleasure, gain and goldĀ ;
Yet though we sought its trace 'mid worldly noise
In solitude, within our closet's fold
By night and day, with eager, anxious look,
Nowhere we could descry its hiding-nook.


Unheard by us, unnoticed by our eye.
With angel's tread, despite our watchful care,
As floats the silvery moonlight from the sky,
As flowery scent is wafted in the air.
As downward sinks the night-dew from on high,
So calm, so soft, so gentle and so fair.
Love in our hearts at last took its abode.
And drove from it our selfishness abroad.