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Without you this defence had been a farce,
With you its glory rises to the stars;
Without you my endeavors had been vain,
With you Man's highest palm falls to my gain.
So by your gallant captains' hands receive
My gratitude as from them I take leave.
Come, Oldham, Evans, Kimble, Dickinson;
Shake hands with me; our gallant race is won.
Crockett, farewell! but why this thoughtful brow?


Beg pardon; I rehearsed a speech just now,
Wherewith I shall address Leonidas
And his three-hundred; as beneath I was
A Congressman, they will no doubt demand
A speech from me! We meet on heavenly strand.

Col. Wm. Travis.

Farewell, dear brother James! if still I grieve.
It is, that thou, so young and fair, must leave
Earth's joy behind; yet it is better far.
That quickly here thou die in honest War
Than slowly through the hands of Tyranny!
Farewell! how will thy mother pine for thee!

James Travis.

Mourn not, dear brother; for the joyous boon
Of such a death can never come too soon!

[The sound of the enemy's drums and martial music is now heard more distinctly.]