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[Reads aloud.]

To the commanders of the garrisons
In every Texan fort and post our greeting:
Whereas we are most credibly informed,
That every day the spirit of defiance
'Gainst our authority grows rampant more
Among your colonists to whom we gave
The privilege of settling on our lands,—
You are advised, to use your utmost power,
That the rebellious spirit may be curbed,
To this effect imprison every person
Whose discontent is shown in writ or word
And check the influx from the United States.
As has the statute never been repealed
Which says, that persons of our Catholic Faith
Alone can hold positions and estates
In Mexico, it is herewith revived.<poem>

Don Juan Bustamente, President.

The colonists, in utter astonishment, remain silent for a while; then break forth into almost simultaneous expressions of indignation.

A Colonist.

<poem>Our friends imprisoned without law or cause!


Our speech o'erawed, our liberties assailed!