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For going past the enemy's camp this morn
No scouts were seen, no sentries, no intrenchments.
Like swarming bees, so roamed the Mexicans,
Some here, some there, for fodder and for wood;
In open fields they unprotected lie
With swamps and swollen rivers in their rear,
And not one bridge for their retreat, since we
At his advice (pointing at Bradburn) destroyed the last at Vince's.


And may not this apparent negligence
Be but a mask, a ruse to lure us on
To our defeat upon his chosen ground?


These papers ta'en from Santa Anna's tent
Will prove to thee, that quite a different scheme
Lies in his plan; he only bides the coming
Of Cos and Filisola to surround
Your forces here, and with one final blow
To crush the hope of Liberty forever.

[He hands some papers to Houston.]


This only strengthens my opinion more
To wait for his attack in our position;
For knowing his design, we lightly can
Defeat it by the weapons of his own.