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I gazed upon his hateful countenance,
Each raking pain I felt in limb and heart,
Each sneer engraven on my memory,
Was blended in one single thought and feeling,
One single wish and joy:—Revenge!
E'en then I had unsheathed his sword—e'en then
I held the glittering blade high in the air,—
E'en then I nerved me for the wieldy blow,—
E'en then the arch-fiend's life hung by a thread,—
When seemed an unseen hand to check my arm,
While rang a soothing voice into my ear
That spake: "Give him to me! I, Freedom, will
Avenge thee through the liberty of Texas!"
I heard, I thought, I turned, I came away.
Has one of you to show a claim like potent
On Freedom, I will waive my own; for wealth
And even life cannot compete with it.
Yet even these I gladly will forego:
My wealth to those impoverished through this war,
My life to God, when in the fight I fall.
All that I feel and am so laid aside,
I am prepared to join my friends above,
And soar a happy spirit o'er the land
I helped to ransom from the tyrant's yoke.


My heart is turned: I fain resign my right;
What say, ye, comrades, shall we wait or fight?