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If I deprive them of the welcome show,
To see three prominent Americans
Transported through the streets of Mexico
Amid the hooting of the populace.
But as it is, they must this time forego
The spectacle, unless thy stubbornness,
Unwarranted by either hope or fear,
Force me to disregard my daughter's tears.
Here, sign this contract, knowing that on thee
Depends thy life, as well as thy companions'.

[Bradburn hands Travis the note he had been writing
at the latter's entrance.


[Reads aloud.]

This is to certify that I agree
To leave forthwith the Mexican domain,
And never after thither to return.
If Colonel J. D. Bradburn will consent
To pay into my hand the full amount
Of thousand dollars gold at my departure.

[He tears the paper into shreds]

Well, well conceived, John Bradburn! this design
Does credit to thy ingenuity.


The more a pity, that it must remain
Shelved in the storehouse of thy fertile brain.