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Santa Anna.

So bring, Castrillon, then thy captive here,
That we may question him about the fort.

[Exit Castrillon.]

Meanwhile receive my will for this campaign.
Ween not, that when we have subdued and crushed
This base revolt, our task were then complete.
A fool combats the evil's gorgon-head,
A prudent man destroys the evil's root.
This territory must become the bulwark
Of Mexico against the threatening tide
Of immigrants from Anglo-Saxon stock,
Which thoughtlessly has been allowed to roll
Its waves of heresy and rationalism,
Of lawlessness and bold irreverence.
Against these ill-defended Texan shores.
The time has come, when loudly to announce,
That never on the self-same continent
The Anglo-Saxon and the Latin races
Can live in peace and harmony together.
For as the Roman loathed the crafty race
Of Carthage, and relented not in war,
Till every stone of her antagonist
Was powdered dust, so parts a yawning gulf
Of bitter jealousy and hate intense
These modern nationalities. Behold
The Anglo-Saxons! Without rest and peace
They roam and spread and plot and seek and grasp,