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And see to it, that this most precious hostage
Of Fortune is not lost to us. Away!

[Castrillon, Duque and Almonte bring J. Travis away.]

Scene VI.

Santa Anna., Cos and Bradburn remain.

Santa Anna.

I have retained thee, Colonel Bradburn, here
To trust thee with a charge, I hide it not,
As delicate, as difficult, but as:
"The greatest task becomes the greatest mind,"
This mission, well performed by thee, will add
Another palm of merit to the many
Which Mexico has entered to thy credit
Upon the ledger of her gratitude.



The ledger, yes! but not the cash account.

Santa Anna.

It is my wish, that under flag of truce
Thou instantly start for the Alamo,
And there arrived, demand the fort's surrender
With all its men and arms. But am I right?
The task appears not pleasant quite to thee.


Make me the leader of the Forlorn Hope,