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lANTIIOCIIS'CLA, 155 Colours of soft parts. Iris red, lake-red or crimsou; legs and feet very dark brown to almost black, claws horny-brown; bill black.

Measurements. Length about 300 to 310 mm.; wing 132 to 135 mm.; tail about 135 mm.; tarsus about 45 to 47 mm.; culmen about 27 mm.

Distribution. Tenasserim and North and South-West Siaui, where specimens have been obtained at Kooii Tan and 8i-sa-wad. Nidification unknown.

Habits. Davison says that it is a noisy but shy bird, avoiding observation. " Not by any means unconnnon, occurring in small flocks of twenty or more, and keeping entirely, so far as I have observed, to the forest, especiall)^ to the ravines where this is densest." Genus lANTHOCINCLA Gould, 1835. Gates applied the generic term Ianthocincla to those Laughing- Thrushes which have no bristles at the base of the forehead, but in which the nostrils are overhung by a few long hairs. The genus differs in no other respect from Gan-idax, and the division is perhaps hardly necessary, but it is convenient for students and may therefore be retained. All the species are remarkable for having the secondaries tipped with white and the bill is rather narrow. Key to Species and Subspecies. A. Crown and nape black. a. Upper pluuiage spotted with white. ... /. ocel/ata ocellata, p. 155. b. Upper plumage barred with black. [p. 158, a'. Ear-coverts black /. ruf'jgulans rufogidaris, h'. Ear-coverts rusty-orange I. r. occidentalis, p. 159. c'. Ear-coverts brown . I. r. assamensis, p. 159. c. Upper plumage neither barred nor [P- ^5^' .^potted I. cineracea cineracea, B. Crown and nape ashy I. c. styani, p. 157. C. Crown and nape reddish brown with pale shafts. d. Lower plumage rufous-brown with white bars I. nusfeni aiisteni, p. 160. e. Lower plumage much paler, each feather with broad white edges I. a. victorice, p. 161.

(140) Ianthocincla ocellata ocellata.

The Wiiitis-spotted Laughinu-Tkeush.

Cinclop.oma ocellatum Vigors, P. Z. S., 1831, p. 15 (Himalayas).
lantJiociitclii oceUata. Blanf. & Oates, i, p. 84.

Vernacular names. Llio-karreum-pho (Lepcha). Description, Forehead, crown and nape brownish blackĀ : face